No day is the same at LAS!

No day is the same at LAS! It can take many forms and shapes depending on your academic interests, activities you are involved in, and plans you make with your friends in the dorm or with your faculty family. Do you want to find out more about classes, dorm life, after-school activities, and weekend opportunities at LAS? We asked our scholarship students to pick one of the many exciting days that they’ve had in the school so far and give you a glimpse into the life of an LAS student! This is what your day at LAS could look like next year…

“Almost every student in the world struggles with getting out of their bed and making it to classes on time. However, at LAS your morning routine is accompanied by the beautiful view of the Swiss Alps. As a result, even if you are half-conscious, the great mood for the day is guaranteed.” (Kacper)

“At 8:10 sharp, classes start, and although the schedule seems confusing at first, you quickly adapt to the daily rhythm of life at LAS. Your start your morning with a double period of English, where you watch examples of advertisements from different companies and analyze the language used. Then, you go to geography, where you discuss the causes of migration with other students, each from a different country. This is one of the things that are so amazing about LAS – you have nearly every class with completely different people, allowing you to get to know them and learn a lot from just being in such a multicultural environment, where everyone can contribute their own unique perspective. Although life at LAS is really busy, there are also some calm moments when you can just sit back and relax. In-between classes, you hang out with your friends in the cafeteria or the library. After a short break, you head to your Theory of Knowledge class, where through fun activities, like chocolate tasting, you try to answer (and ask) questions about knowledge. The class can sometimes give you a headache, but it is also linked to virtually all subjects, so don’t be surprised when something you learned in French last week may come in handy during a TOK lesson! Then comes lunch, and if you’re lucky, you can make it to the cafeteria before the line forms.” (Julia)

“After lunch, you head to the Science Department in the eastern wing of the building. What are you going to investigate today? The carbon cycle? Evolution? Or maybe hormones? Whatever it is, you can be sure that at some point you will put on goggles and a lab coat. If you’re lucky, you might even get to do a dissection (although I suppose that depends on what “being lucky” means to you). The hands-on approach is omnipresent in our Science Department, and it will truly instill the love for learning in anyone. Even though you don’t always get to work with exciting, potentially dangerous substances, science classes are surely a period of discovery that you look forward to.” (Oliwia)

“But, of course, the day at LAS does not finish when the classes come to an end. It continues as you head to your afternoon activities. You could choose from the more typical activities, such as soccer or ice-skating, but if you’re interested in trying something new, LAS definitely won’t disappoint. There’s mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking and many more… Also, besides the physical activities, there are some afternoon clubs aimed at training your “mental biceps”. Art Studio, MUN, Student Council, Writing Center, just to name a few.” (Kacper)

“After you finished your classes, activities, and spent some time hanging out with friends, you go back to your dormitory. Yes, I know – like in Harry Potter. Only, at LAS, you aren’t allocated a dormitory based on your personality, but age and gender. Usually, you have one or two roommates, most likely you’ll be all from different countries and speak different languages as your native language. In this way, LAS enhances your global experience and encourages you to practice communicating in English in common day-to-day situations. You can end up with someone from Brazil, Ukraine, Korea, or Zimbabwe. Isn’t that cool? Additionally, you form an unforgettable bond with people from your dorm. How many times have you wondered what living with your best friends would be like? This can come true here, in Leysin.” (Oliwia)

Life at LAS can get busy, but there are ways in which LAS helps students find the balance! Here is what Oliwia and Marysia had to say about this:

“After a very long week full of hard work at school, it is quite common to feel this desire to do something interesting and relaxing. LAS is aware of this and provides students with weekend excursions to interesting places, cities in Switzerland (but not only!!!), centers related to students’ interests (for example, climbing centers), and organized hikes, even on glaciers.” (Oliwia)

“Living far away from your country, friends, and family is sometimes hard. Not a big surprise. But do not worry, LAS is great at creating a home away from home for you! On most Wednesdays, we have our Faculty Family meetings. Faculty Family is a small group of students from different grades and programs and two teachers who meet regularly to share thoughts, concerns, and just spend time together. Sometimes, we also go on Faculty Family weekends and organize family evenings during which we play games, hike, go bowling, eat a lot, and simply have fun! Those hours make me feel the family spirit and atmosphere again.” (Marysia)


Photos: LAS