What did you do this summer?

While Paulina and Krzyś (1st ed.) are packing their suitcases and preparing to make their way back to Leysin, we asked them about their summer adventures.



I couldn’t be more excited for my senior year at LAS, but I also can’t believe summer is already over! Our summer break lasted whole three months which gave me enough time to enjoy the great weather with my friends and family at home, but also to travel and be productive. The highlight of my holidays was definitely a summer program at ESADE Ramon Llull University in Barcelona which gave me an opportunity to learn more about ‘Design Thinking’. We were a group of 18 students, all from different backgrounds and environments, invited to get a unique experience of vibrant university life and debate on problems and solutions for topics such as gender inequality in education or creation of an app allowing people to feel safer when traveling alone. Moreover, I dedicated some time to volunteering, getting work experience and improving my French during a course in the French Institute. However, being an IB student means I also had to keep up with my academic responsibilities like the CAS project for which I’m interviewing LAS Alumni and my Extended Essay in Physics. Also, my summer wouldn’t feel complete without all the FaceTime calls and meetings with my LAS friends. We are spread all over the globe, but in just three days we will be back on campus in wonderful Swiss Alps to share our summer stories and continue on the last step of our high school journey!




When I was returning from LAS at the very beginning of June I thought that the 3-month holiday ahead of me would never end, but, as always, here I am, reminiscing on this fantastic break. And it really was superb: I spent much needed ‘catch-up’ time with my family, went to concerts and on trips with friends, read a LOT, and simply had much time to relax (even to the point of boredom). It is such moments that I probably should have made better use of, for example, to write my EE, but unfortunately, I left this to the end of my holidays which was a bit stressful. I don’t regret the things I did these holidays though (or the order in which I did them) – spending a lot of time doing sports, such as biking, basketball and even trying surfing, helped me recharge batteries and prepared me for one more year of high school! As I write this in the car on the way back to Switzerland I am excited for the busy year ahead – my last before university!


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